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tag.link Redirect

The tag.link’s Redirect function simplifies the user experience by leveraging NFC technology to seamlessly direct users to predefined links or destinations. In short, you can change the link that is launched by the tag, with no need to have the tag in your hands.

tag.link Tag Tamper

The “Tag Tamper” feature of tag.link is compatible with NFC tags equipped with the NTAG213 TT chip. These chips possess the capability to detect a tampering attempt and respond with an altered message. Typically, programming an NTAG213 TT chip is laborious and time-intensive. However, tag.link offers a streamlined solution, enabling remote management of programming for extensive quantities of tags, including the primary message and the tamper response message.

tag.link DNA

Ensure the authenticity and security of your products or assets with our DNA Chip authentication service. By integrating advanced DNA chip technology into NFC tags, we provide an additional layer of security that goes beyond traditional methods.

tag.link Editor

Empower users with the ability to create and customize dedicated web pages linked to individual NFC tags through our Web Page Editor service. This service allows for dynamic content management associated with a single NFC tag, editable through a WYSIWYG editor.

tag.link DPP

The Digital Product Passport (DPP) is a revolutionary concept aimed at enhancing transparency and traceability throughout the lifecycle of a product. It involves creating a digital record that encompasses comprehensive details about a product, including its materials, manufacturing processes, environmental footprint, and disposal instructions. Through tag.link you can easily create and manage QR codes and NFC tags printed/encoded with the DPP for your products.

tag.link Wine

The Digital Product Passport for wine sector, providing transparency and traceability in its industry. It establishes a digital dossier containing extensive information about a wine, spanning from its ingredients and production methods to its environmental impact and disposal guidelines. Utilizing tag.link, winemakers can effortlessly generate and oversee QR codes and NFC tags with the DPP for their wine products.

tag.link Apparel (coming soon)

The Digital Product Passport (DPP) introduces a paradigm shift in transparency and traceability within the apparel and fashion sector. It entails compiling a digital dossier comprising comprehensive details about a garment, including its materials, manufacturing processes, sustainability practices, and care instructions. Leveraging tag.link, manufacturers can seamlessly generate and manage QR codes and NFC tags encoded with the DPP for their apparel products, ensuring enhanced visibility and accountability throughout the supply chain.

tag.link Logistics (coming soon)

tag.link presents a suite of features ideally suited for logistics and marketing applications, including robust support for Dual Frequency RFID tags. These tags offer versatility, seamlessly integrating into logistical operations and marketing endeavors alike. Leveraging tag.link, users can efficiently manage Dual Frequency RFID tags, harnessing their capabilities for tasks such as inventory tracking, supply chain management, and product authentication. With tag.link you can incorporate initiatives against the grey market, ensuring the integrity of products and safeguarding brand reputation. These features empower businesses to combat illicit trade and uphold consumer trust effectively.

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We are Solution Partners accredited by GS1 Italy, offering concrete support for the implementation and use of GS1 standards, to increase the efficiency of processes and supply chain.

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